The Chatrium Point Plus is a loyalty program developed and managed by Chatrium Hotels & Residences (CHR) headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose is to recognize and reward our most valued supporters. The following Terms & Conditions define the provisions and requirements of participation in Chatrium Point Plus, which allows the members to collect points based on qualifying bookings at the participating CHR properties, and to benefit from the Chatrium Point Plus rewards.

1. Definitions and Interpretations

1.1. "CHR" refers to Chatrium Hotels and Residences

1.2. "Loyalty program" refers to Chatrium Point Plus.

1.3. “Loyalty member” or “member” refers to Chatrium Point Plus members, either as an individual or a company, whose application for membership has been accepted by CHR and assigned a membership number, username and password. “Members” refers to all the members of the program.

1.4. "Loyalty points" or "points" refers to the reward points which are defined in Sections 4 & 5 below.

1.5. “Participating properties” Thailand: Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok, Chatrium Grand Bangkok, Emporium Suites by Chatrium, Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi, Chatrium Residence Sathon, Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 – A Chatrium Collection, Maitria Hotel Rama 9 Bangkok, Maitria Residence Rama 9 Bangkok, Maitria Mode Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok Myanmar: Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon Hokkaido: Chatrium Niseko Japan

2. Entry into the Chatrium Point Plus

2.1. Chatrium Point Plus is opened to individual or company clients who make a direct booking at any of the participating properties through their reservations or the Chatrium Website. When booking through a third party site (such as OTA, Travel Agents, etc.), the member will not get loyalty points for that stay.

2.2. Points are based on net daily room rate

2.3. Membership is free and is not transferable.

2.4. Loyalty members are subject to and must comply with the Terms and Conditions relating to Chatrium Point Plus.

2.5. Employees of CHR and travel agents are not permitted to participate in Chatrium Point Plus.

3. Registration/Information

3.1. Companies can join the Chatrium Point Plus as “Corporate Members”. Registration for corporate membership must be applied under the company e-mail address.

3.2. Points earned by “Corporate” membership is automatically accrued to the corporate account. It is not owned by any individual associated with the company; neither can the points be transferred to any other person and/or entity.

3.3. Registration is made by completing the membership application online at http://www.chatriumpointplus.com

3.4. The potential member is to provide current, accurate, and truthful information about themselves on the membership application form. As a member, they are also required to update such mandatory registration details when needed to ensure that they remains current, accurate, truthful and complete at all times through the Chatrium Point Plus website or by contacting the CHR Corporate Office at 28 CharoenkrungSoi 70, Bangkholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand. T: +66(0) 2307 8888 F:+66(0)2307 8899 E:plus@chatrium.com

3.5 The member’s enrollment date is the date when membership application has been registered in Chatrium Point Plus.

3.6 Each member will automatically receive a membership number, username, and password to allow access to http://www.chatriumpointplus.com. This data will be sent to the member’s email address.

3.7 The member must use their membership number each time they make a reservation via a website booking, email or by phone to earn points.

4. Collecting Loyalty Points

4.1. Each member of the Chatrium Point Plus can receive points for bookings. Receiving points entitles the member to redeem the rewards.

4.2. Points will be updated by the CHR Corporate Office and reflected in the member’s account in the system within two (2) working days after the member’s departure date from the hotel.

4.3. Points will be calculated revenue achieved is based on the following: Daily Room Rate: Bangkok properties: 1 point = Baht 50 Yangon property: 1 point = US$2 Monthly Room Rate: Bangkok properties: 1 point = Baht 100 Yangon property: 1 point = US$4 Meeting Package: 1 point = Baht 100

4.4. Accrued points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit, or exchangeable for other rewards.

4.5. Members can check their available points at any time by logging onto http://www.chatriumpointplus.com You will need to provide your membership number, username and password to access this information online.

5. Drawing Loyalty Points – Ordering Rewards

5.1. To redeem your points for gift vouchers, CHR requires member to utilize the first booking in sequence and the corresponding generating revenue with participating Chatrium & Maitria-branded properties, refer to 1.5. “Participating properties”

5.2. On collection of sufficient points, the member may redeem points by reserving the reward online at http://www.chatriumpointplus.com

5.3. Loyalty points are not awarded on cancelled bookings, payment for the room by the company or bookings which have not been paid in full.

5.4. Loyalty points are not transferable and may not be redeemed by anyone else other than the member.

5.5. Upon receipt of a redemption request, the CHR Corporate Office will process the order and will contact the member within seven (7) working days. Together with the request, the member must submit a photocopy of passport or ID card for processing. Voucher rewards can be picked up at the CHR Corporate Office after fifteen (15) working days after notification; or voucher rewards can be mailed to the address specified in the file. We will not be responsible or liable if they are lost or stolen in the mail.

5.6. If a particular merchandise or product is no longer available or is out of stock, CHR reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute the reward/s at any time with or without notice.

5.7. Voucher rewards are not exchangeable, refundable or redeemable for cash; and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Additional Terms & Conditions appearing on the voucher reward imposed by the merchant or retailer will also apply.

5.8. The relevant number of points rewarded will be deducted automatically from the member’s account. The point’s movement is recorded in the history of the member’s account.

5.9 Members cannot redeem points for room rewards towards free stay during the Christmas season (December 23 - January 3). Room rewards are subject to availability and require 3 days advance reservations.

5.10 Reward stays are valid for 1, 2 or 3 consecutive nights per stay at any of the participating Chatrium-branded properties. Stays are subject to space availability and hotels also reserve the right to impose black-out periods.

6. Membership Cancellation

6.1. CHR reserves the right to terminate any Chatrium Point Plus membership and revoke any and all unredeemed points for reasons that include, but not limited to:

      • failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions

      • supplying false or misleading information, or misuse of this loyalty program

      • violation of any law or regulation in connection with the use of membership privileges

      • failure to pay for hotel charges

      • issuing a cheque to a participating CHR property that is returned for insufficient funds or is invalid for any reason

      • commission of fraud or abuse involving any portion of this loyalty program

      • physical, verbal or written abuse of CHR properties, or CHR personnel, or action in any other way to the detriment of the program as may be determined by CHR at its sole discretion.

6.2. All points once redeemed to rewards are final. They cannot be changed or cancelled.

7. General Terms & Conditions

7.1. Membership in the Chatrium Point Plus and all related benefits are offered at the sole discretion of CHR. CHR reserves the right, from to time, to restrict, suspend or otherwise alter aspects of these Terms & Conditions with or without any prior notice to the members.

7.2. Any such changes will be shown in the Terms & Conditions on http://www.chatriumpointplus.com and will become effective immediately unless stated otherwise. CHR will attempt to notify active members of major changes, but will not be liable for failure to do so and members will nevertheless be bound by the changes.

7.3. CHR is the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms & Conditions and as to any other questions or disputes regarding the Chatrium Point Plus program.

7.4. CHR can suspend or terminate the Chatrium Point Plus program at any time it deems necessary. In such case, CHR shall give advance written notice to the members.

7.5. Terms & Conditions are available to members in English only.

Chatrium Point Plus
Instant Redemption Rewards

Live an immediately remarkable experience at Chatrium Hotels & Residences. Why wait for your CPP rewards? Now, members can take advantage of our hassle-free instant redemption program via the Chatrium App and redeem valuable points instantaneously. This fast-track redemption is the ultimate in convenience and an extra way to recognize and thank our loyal members.

How It Works
The simple steps to redeem point instantly:

Step 1 – Download the CPP mobile application via IOS or Android and apply for a membership and earn points.

Step 2 – Click on the “Instant Redemption” Membership to earn points. E-vouchers are available for redemption and to make your selection. E-vouchers are electronic certificates that hold value for Chatrium Point Plus.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the entitlement of Chatrium Point Plus members to receive instant rewards by using their earned CPP points.

Eligibility & Participation

1. Members are eligible to make a request for an Instant Redemption Reward if they are a member in good standing of Chatrium Point Plus.

2. A membership number is required as proof of eligibility.

3. When making a request, the member must have enough qualifying points to be eligible for the reward.

Instant Redemption Options

1. Instant Redemption Rewards are offered at the following participating Chatrium Hotels & Residences:

Thailand: Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, Emporium Suites by Chatrium, Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi, Chatrium Residence Sathon and Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 – A Chatrium Collection

Myanmar: Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon

2. Instant Redemption Rewards are applicable only for Chatrium stays towards free nights and expenses charged to the member’s room and dining in any/all restaurants of the participating hotels/residences.

3. Redeemed rewards are not transferrable, exchangeable, replaceable or transferrable for cash or credit.

4. In the case of any dispute, the decision of Chatrium Point Plus shall be final.

Complimentary Room Nights using Instant Rewards

1. Advance reservation (of at least 72 hours) for instant rewards is recommended to ensure availability at the participating hotels/residences. Members must quote their e-voucher code.

2. All Instant Rewards reservations must be guaranteed with a valid credit card which must be presented upon check-in.

3. Instant Rewards reservations need to be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the date of arrival in order to avoid a one-night penalty charge. If members do not use their Instant Reward, the corresponding points will be automatically deducted from their CPP account.

4. Blackout dates may apply and may be added with or without prior notice. Please visit the Chatrium website of the individual hotels for a current list of blackout dates.

5. E-vouchers are valid for three (3) months from the date of issue. The expiry date is specified on the voucher. (MM/DD/YYYY)

6. A maximum of 3 vouchers can be used per stay /time

7. E-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and/or promotions.

8. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the property concerned shall be final.

Using Instant Rewards

• Once a room e-voucher is created via the CPP Mobile App send it to the property’s reservation department

• You will then receive confirmation containing the applicable terms and conditions

• Upon check- in, you will need to present your e-voucher with the code on your mobile phone to the Front Desk staff and click the “Usage Voucher” tab in the mobile application

• The Front Desk staff will process your reward

Complimentary F&B Dining using Instant Rewards

1. To enjoy the offer, present your e-voucher code upon arrival to the restaurant staff and mention that you would like to use the Instant Reward.

2. Then click the “Usage Voucher” in the mobile application.

3. Instant Rewards can be used for partial or full payment of your restaurant bill.

4. Instant Rewards cannot be used to pay for the service charge element of your bill.

5. E-vouchers are valid for three (3) months from the date of issue. The expiry date is specified on the voucher.

6. E-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and/or promotions.

7. A maximum of 15 vouchers can be used per time only

8. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the property concerned shall be final.

Using Instant Rewards

• Once an F&B e-voucher is created via the CPP mobile app, you will need to present your e-voucher with the code on your mobile phone to the F&B staff and click the “Usage Voucher” tab in the mobile application

• F&B staff will process your reward